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Unlock Your Treasure Chest

UnLock Your Treasure Chest

Set YourSelf Free Series

Is money causing stress in your life? Do you have blocks or limiting beliefs around financial wealth? Then let us help you set yourself free in this online workshop on money.

Unwanted Beliefs

Often we carry old beliefs that keep us stuck in a negative pattern. These negative patterns will affect our financial wealth, relationships, health or from being successful in our endeavors.

These beliefs are underpinned by unresolved negative feelings and together create negative self-limiting patterns. These beliefs can come from various sources including parents, partners, friends or bad experiences and are often lodged deep down in our sub consciousness where they affect everything we do, influencing our habits, decisions and how we react to life. They have often been there for so long that we're no longer consciously aware of them.

Clearing Beliefs

If these beliefs and their underlying feelings are identified, brought up for scrutiny and are then felt and processed - your situation regarding money can change dramatically. That is, if your life is no longer limited by the self-sabotaging patterns, you'll make better decisions, come up with fresher ideas and feel more motivated to improve your financial life in a untold number of ways.

But how can we find our negative beliefs or feelings about money if we're not consciously aware of many of them?

In this Workshop

This is where we can help you as we are psychic empaths and are able to identify and access your feelings and beliefs even when you are not aware of them. By then working with your old negative feelings we are able to help you permanently clear these beliefs and patterns at their root, and as full empaths we processes these feelings with you too. By working together in this way you can be assured that after the workshop you will walk away feeling lighter and freer with a better understanding of what to do next.

Set YourSelf Free

Based on our Releasing Hypnosis technique, this workshop is an experiential process and we will interact with everyone individually and as a group to ensure you can find your key to unlock your own treasure chest.


A 1.5 to 2 hour online workshop, donations accepted. Strictly limited seats, booking essential.

Workshop Dates

Friday 30th April 2021
2pm ICT (Bangkok)

 Saturday 15th May 2021
4pm ICT (Bangkok)


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