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Life ConstellationsLife Constellations

Clear deep emotional and karmic ties in your family tree or with your close relationships including partners and friends.


Energy FlowLife’s Energy Flow

Explore your life's energy balance through 4 keys areas and discover ways to create an even more harmonious and happier life.

Divine Guidance

A Happier Life Guided by Divine Intuition

This workshop builds your intuitive muscle, allowing you to trust your own inner guidance so that you can easily make life choices and follow your life path, heal yourself and connect more fully to the love and the divine in your life.

Past Lives

UnCover Your Past Lives

What are past lives, have you had any and are they influencing you now?  Learn how to reconnect to your past wisdom and clear outstanding karma.

Set YourSelf Free Money

UnLock Your Treasure Chest

Clear the blocks around money including the negative beliefs and patterns that may be preventing you from attaining wealth and enjoying it.


Release Your Success

Clear the negative beliefs and limiting patterns that are preventing you from reaching your success.

Spirit Messages

UnVeil Your Spirit Messages

What do your spirits have to say? Receive messages and healings from spirit & your higher self in our guided meditation and allow us to help you decode and understand the messages you have received.